What is SunO?

The name is pronounced "Su-nO", like SNOW! It is a milky sweet blend of ice shaved with a special machine that creates the fluffiest shaved-ice with amazing texture. Once shaved, it is topped off with your favorite toppings! Choose from a variety of flavors - Strawberry, Milk, Soy milk, Green tea, Rainbow, Lychee, Thai tea & Mango.


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We have 2 convenient locations in the Atlanta area. Click below to find the one nearest you.



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Save 10% when you order online and pick up curbside at the Duluth location. Use code "SAVE10". Order now and enjoy your favorite dessert in less than 15 minutes!

Love it. I normally avoid ice cream but this one is one I can eat and not feel guilty. Easy to digest, great flavor and freindly atmosphere.
— Josie D. from
This place is amazing. Love it. I’m starting to come every weekend. Plus they have vegan Lychee flavor!
— Desmond H.
This is the best place ever. I got make your own with the rainbow base, passion fruit syrup, Taro pudding, and 2 cherries on top and you gotta agree it looks like unicorn. But only tastes better.
— Amanda H.
For a frozen ice dessert place, they sure have a great selection of drinks. I usually come here for their dessert selection but their bubble teas are great as well. The interior is always clean when I come and the service is friendly and fast.
— Star M.
Great place to get dessert with friends or a date. Reasonable prices and the staff is great.
— Kyle
Delicious! He desserts here are top notch and the bubble tea is really delicious. Plus, they’re open late, which is always a bonus. I highly recommend this if you like out of the ordinary treats and want to try something new.
— Lydia B.